Hair Extension Aftercare

Your extensions will last longer if you take care of them. When you go to bed, it is recommended to braid your hair to make sure it stays tangle-free. You should also do this when you exercise and when you are out in blustery weather. You should check your keratin bond and microbead extensions regularly by running your fingers through your hair to check for tangles. By doing this you can also avoid the risk of too much outgrowth by monitoring it, which can cause the extension to damage your hair. Detangling your hair with your fingers or recommended brushes on a regular basis also reduces the risk of knots turning into matting in your hair. The soft bristle brushes that can be bought here in Ellava are gentle on your hair and extensions.

Washing your Hair with Extensions

  • Before washing you should de-tangle the hair from ends to root using a gentle bristle brush  (I always recommend the King Hair and Beauty “Jewel Brush!”)
  • Wash the hair in an upright position using sulphate free shampoo. Avoid excessive friction by gently massaging… no vigorous scrubbing!
  • Ensure conditioner is only on the middle and ends of the hair – avoid the root area and areas where extensions are attached, making sure to rinse thoroughly to avoid any build-up.
  • After washing, avoid scrub towel drying the hair, instead gently squeeze out the excess water and pat dry with a towel.
  • Avoid putting products like leave in conditioners etc near the bond or beads as it may cause beads to slip / corrode. I do recommend using a leave in conditioner on the mid lengths and ends to keep your extensions feeling silky smooth!
  • Always use a heat protector when styling your extensions! (I love using the Revlon Professional ‘Uniq One’ and Kevin Murphy ‘Heated.Defense’ on my own extensions!!)
  • Gently blow dry the hair using a cool setting to begin with, this avoids any problems with the bonds softening or beads corroding, then proceed to blow dry the hair as normal. Try to avoid leaving your hair to dry naturally.
  • Brush gently to avoid excessive shedding

Enjoy your lush long locks!


Ella xx

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